We specialise in Automotive, Marine & Industrial abrasive blasting. Our team can blast and paint truck trailers, concrete truck barrels, skip bins, shipping containers, boats & more.

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What is Abrasive Blasting? 

Abrasive blasting is an extremely fast and effective dry blasting method where pressurised air is used to blast a medium against a surface to completely remove old paint, corrosion, decay, dirt, and biological and atmospheric contamination. Abrasive blasting can rapidly clean and restore a variety of surfaces including steel, concrete, metal, and brick. Often used to prepare surfaces for painting, abrasive blasting creates a rough surface profile that supports optimum paint adhesion and long-lasting results.Abrasive blasting is used to restore steel beams, concrete pools, brick walls, precast concrete walls, parking lots, tanks and silos, and more. While the use of sand gave this blasting method its name, other abrasives are now more commonly used in this process including glass beads, garnet, and walnut shell.

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In 2023 The Fibreglass Factory purchased Marks abrasive blasting business which was established and has been a trusted sandblasting resource for over 25 years. Marks abrasive blasting has a long track record of successful sandblasting projects. We employ rigorous safety standards, extensive technician training and well maintained equipment to meet client project goals while ensuring the safety of crew, nearby personnel and the work environment. We are absolutely meticulous about preparation and clean up. You'll find we are a true partner you can rely on to complete your sandblasting projects safely, on time and on budget, with minimal disruption and excellent, long-lasting results.

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